As we say freedom but with Flee.

Many jobs nowdays are in front of a Computer. Some of us are spenting our working shift in a chair with minimum breaks. Either when working from home due to quarantine or an office we tend to follow an unhealthy way of working/living. Not enough breaks, not enough water, no healthy snacks, no resting our eyes or our mind for a few minutes and for sure no exercises or even basic stretching to relax our muscles.

Fleedom is a library of generated schedules that aims to provide healthy habbits inside your working hours. We are not aiming to replace other Health related app - we are aiming to suggest schedules based on your own preferences that will make you “flee” from your screen for a few mins and come up stronger, healthier and more productive.

Fleedom currently works as a Proof of Concept, aka beta so Be kind!

Let's be honest, there are issues & limitations. We are no doctors, dieticians or gymnasysts so feel free to request professional help if you're seeking for a personalised plan. Our schedules are generated based on a preset of options and we hope you and fleedom community highlight those who really makes a difference through reviews and usage.

Take care of yourself

Your schedule