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Are there any other integration options?

No. Slack is the only integration option we currently offer. More integration options will be available soon.

How can I integrate my schedule into slack?

It's as simple as it seems. 1. Click upon "port schedule settings to slack" in schedule page 2. Click on the copy icon 3. Paste into slack (in any chat) for each one of the schedule reminders.

Multiple copy & paste actions might be frustrating, don't you think?

We think so too, that's why we will revisit available integration options soon.

How can I see or remove fleedom reminders from slack?

By usign `/remind list` you can control any of your slack reminders.

Why slack? I'm not using it

During this beta phase we are testing the way reminders should work. We chose slack since it's a common messaging tool nowdays but we are fully aware that we shouldn't be dependent to only one. That's why we are investigating further integration options.

Can I choose more options per area, for example fruits & nuts?

No. During the beta phase we allow only one option per area in order to test generated schedules and be able to adjust/tune them based on users feedback.

Why I can't choose anything other than 8hours for my working shift?

During the beta phase we allow only 8hours working shifts in order to test generated schedules and be able to adjust/tune them based on users feedback.

How often promoted videos (exercise, meal) change?

Probably in a monthly base. In a latter stage we want to introduce a reviewing mechanism (like, dislike) in order to optimise the content we currently display.

How popularity works?

We count the times a specific schedule has been created. The more popular a schedule means that more users have created it based on the exact same needs.

How schedules are generated?

Our schedules are generated based on a preset of options and we hope you and fleedom community highlight those who really makes a difference through reviews and usage. We are no doctors, dieticians or gymnasysts so feel free to request professional help if you're seeking for a personalised plan.

What fleedom even means?

As we say freedom but with Flee. Fleedom is a library of generated schedules that aims to provide healthy habbits inside your working hours. We are aiming to suggest schedules based on your own preferences that will make you “flee” from your screen for a few mins and come up stronger, healthier and more productive.

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